Markisa About
Markisa Co. is a quality crafted lifestyle brand focusing in on premium goods. The brand was created in 2009 by like minded individuals that wanted to add something new to your everyday life. Why we chose wallets to start with? When we initially created Markisa, we wanted to design a brand that was fresh yet useful and could be apart of our everyday life. We carry our wallets everywhere and its for sure a piece you can’t leave home without. Our strong quality roots in wallets & accessories have now branched out into other quality premium goods. We thank everyone that has helped us get to where we are today and we appreciate all the support!

FRSH Banner

In 2011 the FRSH brand was created “For Real Street Heads”. FRSH is a lifestyle. A culture. A movement. FRSH is not just a brand but a worldwide connection. It’s showing others that we are more than just who we are. First & Foremost it’s about the roots from where it all started. It’s about the dream. It’s about unfolding styles from within and it’s about giving back. It’s showing the world that we’re all connected by similar/same common ground interests. Connected by Culture. We are FRSH.